Hello everyone. I'm Ampa. I was born in Guyana where I was raised as both Hindu, on my father's side, and Christian, on my mother's side. While growing up in Guyana, as a child, I was inspired by the Hindu teachings of spiritualism. These teachings helped me to grow and prosper.

I have always worked in the pursuit of helping and inspiring others. For many wonderful years I managed both children, and adults, including those with disabilites, in group settings. And as the Activities Director of a 100 bed home for independent living adults, I developed many uplifting and therapeutic activites.

I now provide inspirational and therapeutic activites to our whole community through my programs.


Meet Ampa

I currently provide three unique and therapeutic activites that are available to groups or individuals.

Meditation: Find your inner peace. This is a group or individual activity that teaches how focus and seek or inner energy

Painting: Everyone loves painting my molds or on canvas. I offer both. This avtivity can be scheduled for groups for any event. Both children and adults bring out their creative side.

Painting Studio:This is a walk-in painting studio welcome to everyone of all ages. On Saturdays and Sundays, from 10am till 5pm, I am located at the Middletown Flea Market where I provide unscheduled painting of both canvases and ceramic plaster molds.


Chakra System of Meditation

In this system we learn of the seven major chakras that help us sustain: Spirituality, Awareness, Communication, Love/Healing, Wisdom/Power, Sexuality/Creativity, and Basic Trust

Make an appointment

Call or email to make your appointment. One-on-one and group sessions are available. Together we can find your inner power.

Meditation  ॐ

Meditation dates back thousands of years and has expanded to many styles of teachings in almost all cultures. The belief is that of controlling our WHOLE SELF, both mind and body, can be achieved with practice.

Seeking Balance

Wisdom vs Acceptance: Life can be a struggle between what is and what could be. We must learn to know the difference using our wisdom and seek focus and strength to change what we can. Acceptance is harder to achieve, but through practice we can learn to accept what is not within our control. Finding our own balance will help us to achieve and sustain piece within.

Balanced Stones

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a symbol with its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth. The sacred tree lives in 3 worlds being linked to the heavens, the underworld, and the present. The tree represents that part of ourselves that stays pure despite difficulties so long as we keep our spirituality well rooted. The hindu Akshayavat or Akshay vat tree is called the "Indestructable Banyan Tree" since, legend tells, it survived the great floods of lord Narayana. Our spirituality shall remain well rooted and indestructable.

Tree of Life


We practice our 7 chakras in our daily lives to realize and bring out our inner power. We are in control of our own bodies and mind. We shall seek peace of mind and body consciously throughout our daily activites sustaining our inner power at all times.

Canvas Painting

Ampa Art
Paint from the heart. Heart

I offer both group and one-on-one painting classes for all ages. Lets inspire each other. There is no right or wrong way to paint on canvas.

I'll bring the canvas, easel, and paints. Just bring your desire to have fun.


That's right. Every piece you paint, whether it's a mold or art on canvas, you keep it!. Your art makes great gifts for friends and family. You'r never too young or old to have fun. Lets build lasting memories.

Lets Paint

Painting is a very popular activity for all ages. Everyone is envited to bring out their colors! I offer both plaster painting and canvas painting parties. My plaster painting involves painting plaster castings of all types. I have hundreds of molds that fit particular holidays, themes, and many different activities to choose from. Feel free to inquire about availability of particular molds. When you book an event you have the choice of molds. These molds can be the same or mix and match.

Mold Painting

Plaster Sample
Hand and Paint

Saturday & Sunday Painting Studio


Middletown Flea Market


Click here for directions.

Walk-ins are welcomed

No appointments are needed. Just come with your family or friends. There are many pre-schetched canvases to choose from. Or if you prefer paining on ceramic plaster, I have many pre-casted molds to choose from.

Sit and paint with a friend or parents paint with the kids. Hand painted ceramics or canvas paintings make great gifts.

If I don't have what your looking for, let me know. Canvases can be sketched to your interest, and ceramics take about a week to dry. I can always bring your request the following weekend.

Weekend Activity

Are you looking for something new and exciting to do on the weekend? Lets get together and be inspired. Walk-in and decide what you feel like painting.

There is no wrong or right way to paint. "Just paint from the heart and bring out your inner colors."

Working on a budget?

You can't find a more affordable, quality activity, for the family than painting on canvas or ceramic plaster castings."The best part: you keep what you paint!"